• Workshop
  • Oct
    Starts: October 23, 2014 01 : 00 PM
    Ends:  October 23, 2014 02 : 00 PM
  • Place: The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Stockholm
  • Organizer: Sweden - Kazakhstan Business Council

Meeting Sweden – Kazakhstan Agriculture Co-operation

Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council will organize a workshop with Leading Swedish Company Väderstad Verken AB to discuss how new production method (Drilling*) with the possibility to increase the yield in Kazakstan

*Direct drilling

As the name indicates, direct drilling refers to systems where the first and only soil tillage operation is performed by the seed drill. Direct drilling systems are usually sub-divided according to the soil cultivating action of the seed drill. Seed drills that cultivate most of the soil surface actually have more characteristics in common with ploughless or reduced tillage than with systems in which more specialised seed drills are used.

Pure direct drilling (No-till) systems often use special seed drills that concentrate on placing the seed with minimal soil disruption. Direct drilling is most competitive in dry areas.