Cultural history film about Kazakhstan

Warmly welcome to a cultural-historical film show about Kazakhstan, March 10, 2018 organized by Youth of Kazakhstan in Sweden. We will show two interesting and elaborate films from Kazakhstan in Kazakh with English subtitles. At the same time, traditional Kazakh “fika” is served during the mingelbreak. You can also enjoy the sound of the traditional… Read more »

Proposed Constitutional Reform & Modernisation of Kazakhstan

Factsheet on the Proposed Constitutional Reform Overview President Nursultan Nazarbayev has proposed a constitutional reform aimed at furthering the democratic development of Kazakhstan. During a special televised address to the nation on 25 January, the President announced a number of functions that would be transferred either to the Government or Parliament. Public discussions on the… Read more »

INBJUDAN: Informationsmöte för företag om Ryssland och Ukraina

Inbjudan till möte om Ryssland och Ukraina den 23 februari 2017, kl. 13:15-16:15 Du inbjuds härmed till ett möte om det politiska och ekonomiska läget och affärsmöjligheterna i Ryssland och Ukraina. Mötet äger rum i Bankhallen, Utrikesdepartmentet, Malmtorgsgatan 3 (Brunkebergs torg), Stockholm, den 23 Februari 2017, kl.13:15-16:15. Vi är särskilt glada att som talare bl.a. kunna… Read more »

Investment opportunities in Kazakhstan with four good brochures about: Agriculture and food manufacturing – Chemicals – Machinery sector – Retail trade database on investment projects.